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Beginners Leveling Guide

Beginners Leveling Guide

New Start Location old school Loa Castle

You start with a new starter kit +9 lvl 1 gear and 5m dils.


Leveling Journey

Pro Tip: Create Party even your solo to gain more exp

  • Go Outside of Loa and Kill Some Akris after levelling go directly to any corners of loa and kill some boss until you reach lvl 145 ( See the pics below )

Alternative Leveling After reaching 145 (Deadland or Magic Field of Crevice)

Magic Field of Crevice Located at Python Castle (@Teleporter A)

Pro Tip: Create Party even your solo to gain more exp and choose Crevice A if you can handle the Mobs

Do 3-4 Runs to reach lvl 160

Note: If your Lazy to do the alternative leveling after reaching 145, you can stay in one boss of loa

And you can reach lvl 159.

  • After reaching 159 the best way to lvl until 160 is Deadland or Magic Field Of Crevice


Lvl 160-170 :  Land of Illusion (Wisegon and Little Wisegon)

There were some relics too.

Lvl 170 – 190 (Sacred Claw or Karon’s Fire Pot)




Yellow Circles – PnB Relics Located

Lvl 190 – 200 (Arkadia)

PRO TIP: Roam all map and you will find a lot of PnB Relics especially the top middle of the map




Lvl 200 – 230  (Ellonom Sanctum)

Note: How to get there? You can buy a Teleport Scroll at NPC