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[Sticky] Saturday Maintenance 9AM.  


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10/07/2020 5:25 pm  

Greeting everyone !, Hope you’ve enjoyed playing our server, Because this is just the beginning of WoD, and we are glad to announce that we are moving to an another host tommorow 9AM Server time. This means that the server will be down for a little while but it’s to improve your gameplay on our server !, with the improvement of the host comes more improvements ,There’s more upcoming updates , DKSQ will soon be available we are working on it as we speak , and with the release of the DKSQ comes a whole new modified ranking system too ! Stay tuned there’s lot more to come, there will be announcement on discord and ingame before we do the transfer and adding the new updates. Our big event will be announced during the day after the transfer tomorrow. Enjoy and have fun ! Here’s our latest updates that will be added to the server when we do the transfer  :


1. Dravice Bosses will drop GP/PP

   Yogmond and Karke still dropping GP/PP

   Other Bosses will only drop PP.

2. Removed Dils in Arkadia and Sacred Claw.

   Adjusted the rates of PnB

3. Adjusted Party Exp Rate.

4. Added Delkador in Ardeca and Parca to avoid stuck.

5. The DF Hell is now available (Level 180-230)

6. New NPC Form in Loa

7, Removed Attacks gems from Guardarm and Shield.

8. Copper, Silver, Gold Luck Coins visual prices fixed.

9. Fixed the chat dialogs of Grand Master  NPCs in Loa Castle.

10. Fixed item descriptions of items at Javier NPC in Loa Castle.