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[Solved] New Updates before the official release on MONDAY!  


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05/07/2020 6:57 pm  

[New Updates 5th July]

Dear Players of WoD, We want to announce the new updates that we made these days before the release of the new client on Monday, here they are :

[Dead Front Revamp]

Changed exp/gp/pp rate in certain df maps and deleted some DF NPC’s from loa.

Duke level req : 151-165

Arc level req : 166-180

Doom level req : 181-200

Hell level req : 201-230

Added gp/pp drop on mobs and bosses. Rabble , Fear, Baron , Earl DF NPC’s deleted from loa castle.

New client.

Updated ui character screen.

New loading screen.

New menu.

New ui login screen.

Corrected item descriptions in shops of loa castle.

Updated website.

Updated launcher.

Corrected all D-shop descriptions.

Change the subrings and earings level.

Arrange the DF NPCs.

Relocated the Meister NPC’s to loa castle.

Top pk/pvp list added on website.

Corrected some NPC’s chat dialogues in loa castle.

The new client will be available for download tommorow !!, stay tuned !, and thanks for your patience and support !!


 - WoD Team


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