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[Sticky] Rules regarding ingame hacking!  


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10/07/2020 5:54 am  

Rules regarding in-game hacking (no tolerance ).

Cheats, Exploits & Loopholes: You are not allowed to use or be in a party with some one using software or game bugs to cheat in ANY of our games. If you find a bug or a game weakness that can be exploited to cheat, you should send a private message to a Game Master or the Game's Administrator.
If you are in a party with some one using a hack the WHOLE PARTY will be banned. Even if you, yourself are not using the hack, but you are benefiting from the use of said hack and that makes you just as guilty.
You are not allowed to modify the game, game memory, or its incoming or outgoing packets in any manner.
The use of Bots, Key Jamming, Macros and other tools to allow your character to gain levels, skills, etc. Without the player physically interacting with the game is forbidden.
Anyone caught or reported (with proof) to be using Cheats, Bug Exploits and Game Loopholes will be immediately banned without prior warning.
It is a bannable offense to advertise/promote hacks, sell accounts/items and other forms of cheating on third-party websites. You can be banned for such incidents if caught by the administrator at anytime and will forfeit all possibilities of appeals. 



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