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Welcome to our temporarily donation page, this will only be until we get the new donation system. Any donation help us grow as a community and gives us opportunities to improve things to grow even bigger and better.

The item , D-Shop coins or tag you have donated for will be added to your account within 6h.



  • 10$ –          {VIP} tag ingame and on discord channel. (Permanent)
  • 15$ –         {Custom} tag ingame. (Permanent)
  • 10$ –         5,000 D-Shop Coins + 2 VIP Tickets.
  • 17$ –         12,000 D-Shop Coins +4 VIP Tickets.
  • 24$ –        18,000 D-Shop Coins +8 VIP Tickets.
  • 30$ –        25.000 D-Shop Coins +10 VIP Tickets.
  • 35$ –        30,000 D-Shop Coins +15 VIP Tickets.
  • 100$ –      Gear Package Contains following : Clean +10 Set + Spirit Wings + Weapon with a skin (Free Choice) + 2pcs Armlet and 1 Belt (End Game).
  • 1$ –           To just support the server, every dollar help us grow as a community to get bigger and better!

VIP – Tag (Discord):


Send your info to [email protected]


Character name:
Account name:
Discord name:
Custom tag (if you choosed this):


You can pretty much use any custom {tag} that’s not offensive, racist and does not violate any rules. Symbols and signs can’t be used in a custom tag. It will first be approved by an administrator, if not approved you will have to make another choice of tag that does violate any rules or restrictions. (Read our rules)

Any symbols or signs like (/;:? =)”#¤>%”!”½ etc can’t be added to a custom tag, no offensive words or “meanings/signs” of offensive words or letters can be added. {GM}, {MOD}, {DEV}, {OWNER} and nothing related to that can be added.